Summary of Posts: January 13th 2013

In this set of topics, we have discussed the following about light bulbs:

  • Blogger Eugene tells us all about an industrial designer named Sergio Silva and his striking set of oil lamps that he has created.  To find out how these lamps are made, click here.
  • A different way that you can grow plants is with the use of a light bulb.  This innovative technique works by taking soil and a seed, and putting it into an old light bulb to grow.  It acts as sort of a miniature greenhouse.  See a picture of what we mean  here.
  • LED light bulbs are much better for the environment than any other other type of bulb.  Learn why in Scott Learn’s article “LED light bulbs do least environmental harm, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory says.”
  • Light bulbs that are the most environmentally friendly will also cost you the least, according to an article by
  • There are several different types of light bulbs to choose from.  There are incandescents, halogens, and even compact fluorescents.  Find out which type you should choose by reading an article on
  • Finally, we discussed light bulbs and their multifaceted uses.

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